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Multimedia - Foreign Titles
Foreign titles: Music
Antiphonarium Sedlecense
Art and Music (The Medieval Era, The Renaissance, The Baroque, The Eighteenth Century, Impressionism)
Beethoven Lives Upstairs (BMG Interactive / The Children' s Group / Music Pon)
Brockhaus Riemann Musiklexikon (Schott, 1995)
Chopin' s Harmony (Preston - Whitelaw, Ltd.)
Crazy for Ragtime (Calliope Media)
DSCH Dmitri Chostakovitch: Cronique documentaire (Lucoil-Inform; Autopan, 1999)
Encyclomedia-Il Seicento
Fenice, La
History of Music (Through the Classical Period, Romanticism to Contemporary, American Folk Music, Music and Culture)
History through Art (Zane)
Images of music, Virtual Exhibition Two, Rhythm in music and dance, (European Union, Culture 2000)
Introduction to Classical Music (Attica Cybernetics)
Jazz MusicRom Perspectives (SelectWare)
Jump (David Bowie)
Multimedia Strauss (Microsoft)
Multimedia Stravinsky (Microsoft)
Music Game, (Microforum)
Ullstein Lexicon der Musik (Ullstein Soft Media)
Viking Opera Guide, The (Penguin Electronic)

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