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Multimedia - Literature and Fine Arts
Foreign titles: Literature and Fine Arts
American Poetry
Art Gallery The collection of the National Gallery, London (Microsoft)
Au cirque avec Seurat
Botticelli (Acta / EMME)
Carnets de voyage. Eugene Delacroix: Le voyage au Maroc (Arborescence)
Contemporary Fine Arts, vol. 1
Corpus des oeuvres de philosophie en langue Francaise
Emblem Manuscripts 1630-1685
Encyclopedia Britannica
English Poetry plus
English Prose Drama
English Verse Drama. The full-text database
Escher Interactive (Harry N. Abrams)
Fine Arts of China
Goethe: Die leiden des jungen Werther
Grand Louvre, (Acta / EMME)
Great Artists, The
Great Museums of Europe, (EMME - Acta)
Hermitage, The, vol. 3: Treasures of the Tsars
Investigating 20th century Art (Attica)
Larousse Multimedia Encyclopedique 97
Leonard de Vinci (Scala / EMME)
Leonardo the Inventor (Future Vision)
Louvre, (Imagine the World)
Lumiere Gothique, tome 1 Cathedrales de France
Medici, The (Scala / EMME)
Medieval Realms
Michelangelo (EMME - Scala)
Microsoft Bookshelf (Microsoft)
Musee d' Orsay (J' imagine le monde)
Paul Cezanne (Corbis)
Renaissance of Florence, The (Pantheon / Scala / EMME / Philips)
Rings Five Passions in world art (Calliope)
Stars of the Louvre (New Line NewMedia)
State Hermitage Museum (State Hermitage Museum/Winter Palace/Treasures of the Tsars)
TV Commercials (CD Titles) (2 vols)
Uffizi Masterpieces of art in the worlds oldest museum (Opera)
Versailles. Complot a la Cour du Roi Soleil
William Shakespeare: The complete works on CD - ROM (Andromeda Interactive)

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