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1WFIMC: World Federation of International Music Competitions   >>
The World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) official web site. Online services include databases searchable by name or nationalit ....
2Forthcoming conferences in music   >>
Comprehensive chronological listing of past and upcoming conferences in musicology and related disciplines. The directory is also searchable by keywor ....
3Liszt select: Music   >>
Extensive index to music mailing lists and discussion groups. The catalog is browsable by subject or searchable by keyword and accompanied by subscri ....
4Tarptautiniai konkursai Europoje   >>
Directory of international music competitions in Europe arranged by country. The catalog provides brief descriptions, contact information, and web add ....
5classical music email list directory   >>
Catalog of mailing lists related to classical music with subscription information and basic commands accompanied by an extensive guide to email etique ....
6CTI music: A list of musical discussion lists   >>
Alphabetical directory of music related mailing lists with basic description and subscription instructions.
7RISM home page   >>
Official web site of the most comprehensive music bibliographic project, aiming to identify and describe all sources of music and writings about music ....
8Music Instruction Software   >>
This page contains pointers to educational software of interest to music teachers and students. The main focus is freely available software on the net ....
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