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1Grand Prix Μαρία Κάλλας   >>
Official webpage of the Maria Callas International Competition in opera, oratorio-lied and piano, organized by the Athenaeum Conservatory and Cultural ....
2Gina Bachauer   >>
Official web site of the Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation. Online services include information on the piano junior and senior internationa ....
3WFIMC: World Federation of International Music Competitions   >>
The World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) official web site. Online services include databases searchable by name or nationalit ....
4Tarptautiniai konkursai Europoje   >>
Directory of international music competitions in Europe arranged by country. The catalog provides brief descriptions, contact information, and web add ....
5Music competitions   >>
Webography of music competitions.
6Konzerteum - International Piano Competition   >>
The International Piano Competition Konzerteum site offers information about the competition's program, conditions and entry forms.
7Banff International String Quartet Competition   >>
Information about a string quartet competition, which is held every three years and its being organized by Banff Centre in Canada
8Concorso Internationale di Music Gian Battista Viotti   >>
The site of the International Competition Gian Battista Viotti. This is a competition for singers and pianists and one can find information about part ....
9International Beethoven Piano Competition   >>
The Beethoven Competition is held every four years in Vienna and one can read all the details about participating and the history of the competition
10Artur Rubinstein Piano Competition   >>
This is a website containing all the information about the Artur Rubinstein International Piano Competion, that is held every three years in Israel. A ....
11BBC Singer of the World   >>
A site about the famous BBC competition for singers. One can find all the necessary information about past winners, the rules and the venues of the fo ....
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