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1IRCAM - Centre Georges Pompidou: Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/ Musique   >>
One of the top research institutions in music, IRCAM focuses on contemporary music and technological advancements related to sound generation, manipul ....
2Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae   >>
Introductory information on the famous series of Byzantine music published by the Institute of Greek and Latin of the University of Copenhagen. Emphas ....
3Official Ε.Ε.Μ.Ε. web site   >>
The Greek Society for Music Education official web site with information on its goals, members and activities: organization of pan-Hellenic congresses ....
4International Society for Music Education   >>
The official web site of the International Society for Music Education with information about its history, structure, purpose, beliefs, policies, memb ....
5MENC: The National Association for Music Education   >>
Top American institution in the area of music education, MENC provides excellent online services for students, teachers, researchers, the general publ ....
6Mουσικολογία: περιοδική έκδοση μουσικής θεωρίας και πράξης Musicology (Musicologia): Review of theory and praxis of music   >>
The oldest (and still in print) greek musicological periodical. It's site contains article abstracts from current and back issues, biographical notes ....
7Dapartment of Music - Columbia University   >>
The University site offers, among others, information about under- or postgraduate cources in Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Performance and Composition ....
8Ad Parnassum - A journal of eighteenth and nineteenth century Instrumental music   >>
Ad Parnassum deals exclusively with instrumental music of the 18th and 19th centuries. The journal, which appears each year in April and October, acce ....
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