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1IRCAM - Centre Georges Pompidou: Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/ Musique   >>
One of the top research institutions in music, IRCAM focuses on contemporary music and technological advancements related to sound generation, manipul ....
2Iannis Xenakis bibliography and discography   >>
Brief biography of Iannis Xenakis with select bibliography and discography. The former includes writings on and by Xenakis, while the latter comprises ....
3Xenakis, Reynolds, Lansky and Mache discuss computer music   >>
Transcription of interview/discussion on computer music between composers Iannis Xenakis, Francois-Bernard Mache, Roger Reynolds, Paul Lansky and mode ....
4Iannis Xenakis (b. 1922)   >>
One of the most informative sites on Xenakis with brief biography/chronology, complete list of works up to 1985, and references to the mathematical fo ....
5Iannis Xenakis   >>
Undergraduate student paper on Xenakis and his music providing one of the most extensive online biographies and brief analyses of various major compos ....
6Δημήτρης Τερζάκης   >>
Biographical information on the Greek contemporary composer Dimitris Terzakis with complete catalog of works in database format and an interview focus ....
7Iannis Xenakis   >>
Top site for Xenakis with biography, annotated catalog and chronology of works, bibliography including articles in full text, discography with complet ....
8California Institute of the Arts - School of Music   >>
The site of this Institute for contemporary music offers, among others, information about under- or postgraduate cources in Music Technology, Performa ....
9Ε.Σ.Σ.Η.Μ.   >>
The official website of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association. One can find information about the members of the Association and al ....
10Επίκυκλος   >>
A site that is dedicated to modern art music with news, articles and a database of Greek musicians
11Arnold Schoenberg Center   >>
The Arnold Schoenberg Center website offers information for all Institute events activities (events, exhibitions, archives, library, research programm ....
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