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1Operabase   >>
Comprehensive, up-to-date, and free-of-charge database of current and upcoming opera performances all over the world with schedules, booking details, ....
2Εθνική Λυρική Σκηνή   >>
The best site on the Greek National Opera providing historical background, list of artists, description of administrative structure, contact informati ....
3Εθνική Λυρική Σκηνή   >>
The official web site of the Greek National Opera with historical information, list of artists, description of administrative structure, and contact i ....
4Royal Opera House - Covent Garden   >>
Covent Garden's site concerns the opera, the ballet and the orchestra of the organization, and includes information about, among others, the performan ....
5Metropolitan Opera   >>
Metropolitan Opera's site offers information about, among others, the performances, the tickets and the memberships, and, morover, presents the synops ....
6Glyndebourne. Official Glyndebourne Opera Information   >>
The official site of Glyndebourne Opera Company. One can browse the forthcoming programmes, buy tickets, read about educational schemes and take a vir ....
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