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1Όργανα της ορχήστρας   >>
An extensive and useful multimedia guide to the history and the instruments of the orchestra with numerous image files and audio excerpts in MP3 forma ....
2WFIMC: World Federation of International Music Competitions   >>
The World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) official web site. Online services include databases searchable by name or nationalit ....
3Tarptautiniai konkursai Europoje   >>
Directory of international music competitions in Europe arranged by country. The catalog provides brief descriptions, contact information, and web add ....
4Music competitions   >>
Webography of music competitions.
5California gold: Northern California folk music from the thirties   >>
Digitized ethnographic field collection comprising 35 hours of folk music recorded in Northern California during the 1930s, photographs of performers, ....
6Musicians and Injuries   >>
Interesting and helpfull site about musicians and injuries, with books, tapes, links, on-line articles and discussions boards suggestions.
7Philharmonia Orchestra: the Sound Exchange   >>
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