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Nikos Skalkotas Discography (1954-2005)

Notebook presents the full discography of N. Skalkottas (available in Greek only), which has been compiled by Thomas Tamvakos, founder and director of the “Thomas Tamvakos archive of Greek Classical Composers”. The discography enlists all recordings starting with the record produced in 1954 (5 years after Skalkottas’ death) reaching up to CD productions of 2005. It comprises recordings that were produced in all sound mediums: vinyl discs (Long Play or Short Play), cassettes (in fewer cases) and CDs.

In the past, Notebook has published another discography (covering the period 1954 – 1999), which was accompanied by an article of musicologist Vaso Koutsobina. Even though the complete discography is the one compiled by Thomas Tamvakos, the extensive article on the discography by Vaso Koutsobina provides more information on the history of the recordings and the composer himself.

Athens 10 November 2009

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