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March 2003

Riadis, Emilios. Works ΙΙΙ: Two sonatas for violoncelllo and piano. Byron Fidetzis, Maria Asteriadou. Lyra, 0790, 2002

"Upon release of the present compact disc, which comprises two sonatas for violoncello and piano, LYRA records has the pleasure to lay before the publicthe third album in lineunder the series of Emilios Riadis's works. 
Gradually, the craft of the most important composer of Thessaloniki and the whole of Macedoniais being reconstructed piece by piece.

With these words contuctor and cellist Byron Fidetzis introduces this first recording of the two Riadis works. Based on the fact that the scores and the parts were constantly re-examined by the composer, Fidetzis proposes the first recorded version. The works are performed by Byron Fidetzis (cello) and Maria Asteriadou (piano).

The Aimilios Riadis archive, which is one of the most precious possessions of the Library, was donated by Ms Tzermia-Sakellaropoulou, in 2000. It includes manuscript texts, poetry, documents, pictures and mainly his musical compostions. After the donation by Ms A. Goulara in 2002 the Library holds the entirety of Riadis’ musical manuscripts. The material (only available in Greek) has been classified and documented. The archive's database is accessible on line (only available in Greek).

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