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August 2003


Collection of First Editions of Vocal Music – 19th and 20th Centuries

We are happy to present an important collection of First Editions in Vocal Music of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Specifically, the collection comprises songs for voice and piano recently added to our Library.

The majority of the songs are by French composers (Poulenc, Milhaud, Roussel, Chausson, Delibes, Lekeu, Roland-Manuel),  but also by Hindemith, Krenek, Braunfels, Janacek, Dallapicola and others.   Among these works, the most distinguished from a historical point of view is the first  edition (P. Jurgenson/Rob. Forberg, Leipsig 1910) of the well-known pastorale by Igor Stravinsky for piano and voice. (The latter is part of the library’s rare collection and can be studied by special permission only).


Two major Greek Works are included in the collection: a) Five Greek Melodies by Petros Petridis

(Paris: Senart, 1924) and b) Two parts from Iamvoi kai Anaptaistoi by Manolis Kalomiris (Paris: Senart, 1927 & 1929) with poetry by Kostis Palamas. The title page of this edition is shown on the right.

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