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June 2004

Arnold Schoenberg in 1925. From
Webradio program on Arnold Schoenberg Center’s website in Austria

The Website of Arnold Schoenberg’ s Center in Austria has caused considerable sensation in the area of musicology on the internet, because of the richness of its features combined with its practical and novel design.

Starting this year, a new impressive service provided by the Arnold Schoenberg Center comes to enhance our knowledge about the life and works of the great composer featuring rare audio material.

This service is entitled Webradio at  On this website, the visitor will have the opportunity to hear historical recordings of Schoenberg works and speeches on various musical subjects. It is the first time such material becomes available on the internet free of charge and can be obtained by all of the composer’s admirers.

The program  is renewed every week for the period March-August 2004. It offers the possibility for subject searching in multiple sources of information such as the  composer’s works, commentary on the works which are heard, as well as various music catalogs.

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