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September 2004

Article by K. Kardamis on Spyros Samaras and the Olympic Anthem


For this month, the library recommends a timely article by Prof. Kostas Kardamis, Department of Music, Ionian University, entitled Samaras and the Olympic Anthem: Before and after 1896 (Available in Greek only).

The article offers the socio-cultural framework in which well-known composer Spyros Samaras undertook the composition of the Olympic Anthem for the Games of 1896. It includes an extended analysis of the work which emphasizes the ideal harmony of the music and the poetry by Kostis Palamas. The social dimensions of the Anthem and its musical revival in the opera Rea (1908), are also issues discussed by the author. 
(The article is available in pdf format:

You may also wish to read the relevant article Music and Musicians at the Athens Olympic Games 1896.

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