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George Platon (1910-1993)

The musical archive of George Platon (1910–1993) was added recently to the Library and the Archive of Greek Music in particular. The acquisition of this archive was made possible through the bequest by the composer’s daughters, Lena Platonos (also a composer) and Angeliki Papazoglou.

The archive contains the complete works of the composer as follows:

Chamber music compositions
Orchestral works
Piano works 
Songs etc.

The Archive includes also a collection of:

newspaper clippings and
concert programs.

Biographical data on composer George Platonos are based on his biography as it appears in the Dictionary of Greek Composers by Aleka Symeonidou (published by Nakas, Athens c1995)

“(...) When he finished high school, (George Platon) he was admitted in the class of Thisseas Pindios (then Director of the Greek Conservatory) and five years later received his piano diploma with distinction and 1st prize. Along with his professors Marios Varvoglis and Alekos Kondis, he began composing his first pieces (...) He also took private piano lessons with the famous piano teacher at the time, Egon Petri (...) His compositions were inspired by feelings, the imaginary world of legends as well as musical scenes (...) The composer divides his oevre into units: first period until 1945, second period 1945-1965 and third period, 1966 and after (...) A significant piece with great historical value is the full restoration of the opera “Eleazar” by Joseph Mastrecchini, several years after the destruction of the orchestra score. (...) George Platon was very active academically. As director of the conservatories of Sparta and Irakleion, he taught piano and composition in the Hellenic Conservatory and in private teaching. Many of his students excelled in composition and as soloists. For many years he was employed by the National Opera as a pianist and worked for the musical preparation of the choir and the soloists. (1952-1972)."

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