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Dimitrios Lialios (1869-1940)

The “Greek Music Archive” of the Library has been recently enriched with the archive of Dimitrios Lialios, which has been donated by his family.The archive is comprised of autograph manuscript and printed scores of chamber, choral and orchestral works as well as songs.

There is little information about the life of Lialios. According to his family the exact date of birth of the composer was the 16th of November 1869. He took his first piano and violin lessons in Patras by the Italian musician Augusto Tiveri. At the age of 15 he left Greece and went to Zurich to study engineering. However, after the advice of poet Konstantinos Hatzopoulos to his father, Lialios started studying music with Ludwig Thuille in Munich. During the period 1919-1935 he served as vice ambassador of Greece in Munich. He died in Athens on the 13th of March 1940.

The Library, apart from his archive, also holds recordings of his works, scores and concert programs of the period 1912-1947 with performances of his works.



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