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Greek Music

 Digital Archive of Greek Songs (1870-1960) in the Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”

A Greek Folks Songs concert (1898) (available in Greek only)
Ancient Greek Music recordings: a presentation (available in Greek only)
A manuscript collection of Byzantine Music in Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri" (available in Greek only)
A tribute to George Sicilianos
Alexandra Trianti
Alexandra Trianti Collection
Ancient Greek Music - Bibliography Selection
Ancient Greek Music - Bibliography Selection (new titles)
Βenedikt Randhartinger and greek sacred music (available in Greek only)
Collection of Greek Songs (1870-1970)
Dimitris Terzakis
Eighty Years with Mikis Theodorakis
G. von Murr, Philodem von der Musik (Berlin, 1806) (available in Greek only)
George Sicilianos (available in Greek only)
Georgios Kazassoglou Discography (1.12.1908 - 2.6.1984) (available in Greek only)
Georgios Ponirides Discography (1885-1982) (available in Greek only)
Goverment publications of Greek composers works in the collection of Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri" (available in Greek only)
Gregorian Chant: concise bibliographic guide (available in Greek only)
Greek Folk Songs Bibliography (available in Greek only)
Greek Music Periodicals (available in Greek only)
Kalomiris and The mother's ring (To dachtylidi tis manas) 
Lila Lalaouni (available in Greek only)
Maria Callas (available in Greek only)
Martin West and the greek translation of "Ancient Greek Music" (available in Greek only)
Mihalis Souyoul: 100 years since his birth (available in Greek only)
Mikis Theodorakis: un’ Elektra contemporanea
Music and Musicians at the Olympic Games in Athens, 1896
Nikos Skalkotas (1904-49). On the ocasion of two recent publications
Nikos Skalkotas Discography (1954-2006)
Pavlos Karrer :on the occasion of two microfilms (available in Greek only)
Shall we sing? (An article about the Greek carols)
Ten years without Manos Hadjidakis
The Emilios Riadis Archive
The Georgios Platon Archive (available in Greek only)
The Georgios Poniridis Archive
The Mikis Theodorakis Archive
The unknown composer Georgios Kassasoglou
Theodorakis the innovator seen through his archive documents
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