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Hosting events

Hosting events, concerts, presentations and seminars

Multipurpose Room

The newly renovated Multipurpose Room is located at the premises of The Friends of Music Society inside the
Athens Concert Hall and can accommodate up to 200 attendees.

The Multipurpose Room features modern audiovisual equipment (including wireless microphones and a video projector), a new extended stage, a piano and stage lights which make it ideal for hosting lectures, musical events, plays, presentations, seminars and exhibitions.

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Lecture Room

The Lecture Room of the Society’s Music Library features a piano; its exceptional acoustics make it ideal for concerts, as well as plays, lectures, educational programs and book presentations.

The Room features modern audiovisual equipment which includes wireless microphones, a video projector and audio/video recording ability of seminars and conferences.  It can accommodate up to 100 attendees.

The Multipurpose Room and the Lecture Room can be connected via link and offer shared view to 300 attendees.

Other spaces

Thanks to its modern infrastructure, the Reading Room of the Library is an ideal environment for seminars, workshops and meetings of smaller groups.

Cocktail parties can be arranged to complement all events at the Foyer of the Multipurpose Room.

All spaces offer excellent access to the Atrium of the Muses and are served by the underground parking facility of the Athens Concert Hall.

All spaces can be used separately or in combination.

The Friends of Music Society offers all the above spaces for hire at very attractive prices. Finally, thanks to its experience in the field of communication, the Society offers the option of promoting your events to its large contact list, as well as on its website and its social media accounts.

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